37th National Milo Marathon


Finally, I was able to check this in my bucket list. Back when I use to run, I wanted to join the Milo Marathon but I always get late with registration. This year, with much prodding from colleagues I was able to register on time and was finally able to join. Since I stopped running for 3 years, I just registered for the 5 km run.

My goal is just to jump-start running again. I just basically want to kick off some things I wrote in my bucket list which includes joining the Milo Marathon. Why Milo Marathon? Its one of the biggest running event in the country for years and at the same time a charitable program that supports the children. They use a portion of what we pay for the registration to buy shoes for indigent children. Joining the race is one way to give back to the society.

I didn’t bother to exercise weeks before the event because its only 5 km. Hell, we walk during Sinulogs way farther than 5 km since the streets are closed for the Street Dancing. I was sure I can reach the finish line. It was just a question of how long am I going to finish it after 3 years of running hiatus. I clocked in at 50 minutes if my time-taking is correct. I still have to wait for the official finish time to be posted in their website. I think it wasn’t a good time. I find 30 minutes for 5 km as an ideal time for me.

The night before the event, I slept early. I didn’t want to feel groggy and tired on the race day due to lack of sleep. This morning i ate my breakfast at 4AM then took a shower and prepare my stuff by 4:30AM. Since the venue is pretty much near our house, I was confident I can reach the place by 10min. When I left the house at 5AM, I was so surprised that both main streets were already closed to vehicles. Officials from the Cebu City Traffic Operations Management (CITOM) were already on their post and was strictly monitoring the roads to ward off vehicles and motorcycles. I totally missed the part wherein the guntime for the 21k runners starts at 4:30AM and that it will pass the area where the PUJs are supposed to pass. I ended up walking and running the 1 1/2 km to the race venue. As usual, in any big event, the cellular networks gets busy and it was a bit hard to reach and meet my colleagues. We did eventually saw each other but we were on the brink of our patience.

Our gun time was at 5:30AM. Since there are a lot of 5 km runners, the event organizers decided to let us ran by batch. I guess this was to avoid stampede and any other possible accidents. Unfortunately, we were able to cross the start line at 6AM and the sun was already shining brightly. I was a bit unhappy about it because the turning point area does not have a lot of shade from trees. Anyway, it was my fault too since I came few minutes before the starting game that is why we were the last batch to cross the start line.

I enjoyed the run. I also did notice that there’s a great distance between the water stations. I initially thought there will be a water station for the 3k turning point but it didn’t. The water station was further ahead. I tried to note the distance between the water stations because it is one of the most common complaints among runners on this said event. I think they did try to organize as much as they can but it was a bit chaotic because there were a lot of students who were there to enjoy the moment. We were doing brisk walking, they were walking as if we were in a mall. If you want to seriously time yourself on your firs 5 km run, then it’s not the event for you. There were a lot of areas where we just ended up walking because there were just way too many people walking in front of us. I will definitely join next year if my knees wont give up on me but I think I will run the 10 km. I’m assuming there will be less walkers on that category, so hopefully I’ll be able to run instead of walking.

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